Team ripple

Team Ripple are 4 designers from Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) joint double masters course at Imperial College London and The Royal College of Art. They each bring a different expertise and viewpoint to the table allowing their designs to strongly bridge between, digital to physical integrating science, technology and creativity.


Jonathan Rankin

Critical thinker

Jonathan is fascinated by dystopian future thinking and imagining where current technological advances could take us. He hopes to instigate positive change by exploring ‘what if’ questions.

IDE has introduced Jonathan to a richly imaginative way of thinking, and pushed him to work outside the strict engineering mindset, allowing him to develop his ideas and push projects into unfamiliar territory. He currently enjoys working within the fringes of human interaction, bringing simplicity and rigour to a chaotic world through experimentation and observation.

Jonathan’s practical engineering training at Imperial College London allows him to physically realise his ideas, and has given him the ability to break down complex theories into simple parts and critically investigate them in order to test his designs.  


Huishan Ma

Creative Designer

Influenced by life experience, Shan is interested in observing people and trying to capture the delight in human interactions. She is very curious about the hidden details of people’s behaviour, and how these details can offer a better understanding of an individual. She is fascinated in revealing what lies beneath the surface, and discovering what we disclose through nonverbal cues and communication. Her work looks at technology that can act as an extension of our body or of our senses, technology that can help us extend the reach of our embodied mind beyond its physical limits. 

Shan is currently studying Innovation Design Engineering, a joint masters degree at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. She has a practical Industrial Design mindset and skills. Shan is also interested in material exploration and Fashion Design.


Lyle Baumgarten

Design Engineer

Interested in interactions between people and their surroundings, Lyle leverages design thinking and engineering to question the status quo. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Lyle studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina. Lyle worked as a design engineer developing ultrasound devices prior to teaching in South Korea.

During his time in IDE, Lyle has investigated how products and environments affect interpersonal connections. Lyle is fascinated by people and believes that society is ready for a new lens on product development. He sees technology as a tool to bring people together and loves to create engaging, unexpected experiences.

Lyle’s ambition is to combine his education and work experience to humanise healthcare and education.


María Apud Bell

Design Researcher

María has a cross-disciplinary background that combines design, science and education. She studied biochemistry in her hometown Santiago de Chile. She has worked as a researcher in molecular biology and also as a natural science teacher.

María is a creative idea generator and her interest for combining her previous skills with new ones lead her to move to London to study Innovation Design Engineering at Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London. Since then, she combines her life experiences with hands on skills to tackle design opportunities in the fields of inclusive design, biomedicine, material explorations and speculative design.

Influenced by her teaching skills, she is passionate about human behavior and has a deep understanding of people’s thinking processes that allow her to create meaningful products at the service of their users.